Yamaha participates in "World IPv6 Launch"

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Yamaha has announced its participation in "World IPv6 Launch", an initiative urging worldwide support for IPv6 by June 6, 2012.

"World IPv6 Launch" is an initiative from Internet Society (ISOC)promoting worldwide adoption and use of the IPv6 protocol. Website operators, network operators and home router vendors throughout the world have been urged to begin permanent support for IPv6 by the initiative's launch date of June 6, 2012. Yamaha has long been an advocate for IPv6, with all of its routers supporting the IPv6 protocol since 2001.

Yamaha routers support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, tunneling, and NTT NGN services in Japan such as FLET'S HIKARI NEXT IPv6 PPPoE/IPoE and Data Connect. Yamaha looks forward to continuing its active contribution to the development of IPv6 networking worldwide.

For information on "World IPv6 Launch", please visit a World IPv6 Launch Website.

RTX1200 was tested for the participation in "World IPv6 Launch" by JATE backed up by UNH-IOL (Test result). RTX1200 and all other Yamaha routers are enabled IPv6 function in their factory default settings.

Yamaha support for IPv6 : a timeline
1998 Yamaha began a joint research project of an implementation of IPv6 in small routers with WIDE project and Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Jun, 2001 Yamaha released official firmware with IPv6 support.
Jan, 2002 Yamaha released RTW65i, the world's first small router offering IPv6 support as a standard feature.
Jul, 2002 Yamaha launched support for IPv4/IPv6 dual stack.
Jun, 2004 RTX1000 received IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-I certification.
Sep, 2004 Yamaha launched support for RA Proxy and DTCP.
Sep, 2005 Yamaha launched support for MLDv1, MLDv2 and MLD Proxy.
Jun, 2010 Yamaha launched support for "Data Connect", which is a NGN service by NTT.
Mar, 2011 Total amount of shipped IPv6-enabled Yamaha routers reached milestone of 1.6 million.
May, 2011 RTX1200 received IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-II certification.
Jun, 2011 Yamaha launched support for IPv6 PPPoE and IPoE connection type which is provided as a NGN service by NTT.
Feb, 2012 RTX1200 and RTX810 were adopted by Otsuka Corporation for its "FMS/Yamaha IPv6 VPN Service".
Jun, 2012 Yamaha participates in "World IPv6 Launch" as a home router vendor with RTX1200.